Antiques & Collectables

The saleroom of the Gaerwen Auction Centre holds regular monthly sales of Antiques & Fine Art and Household and Collectable items. These auctions are usually held on the first/second Thursday and last Thursday of each month.

***Saleroom Is Open On Auction Day To Bid***

**Online Bidding via Easy Live Auction**

**Viewing Will Be Held On Wednesday**

**The Day Prior To The Auction**

**@ 9.30am - 12.00 & 2.00pm - 5.00pm**

**And On Sale Day Mornings From 9.00am - 10.00am**

The auction starts at 10:00 am and continues through the day without a break. Our Auctioneer tends to sell approximately 120 lots per hour. There is plenty of parking onsite and café facilities.

Selling Items

Submitting items into a Morgan Evans auction
You must fully complete an entry form. You can download the entry form with the terms and conditions by clicking this link. Alternatively, you can request forms be mailed to you by contacting the saleroom office on 01248 421 582 (option 2).

Once you have completed your form, please take a copy of it for your records, returning the original copy to the Saleroom Office.

Delivery of items to the Saleroom
Once in receipt of your form, we will contact you to discuss dates for delivery of items to the Saleroom.

Please Note: We can only accept items on designated intake days/time or by prior appointment.

If you are not able to bring your items to the Saleroom or have bulky items to sell, we can provide you with details of local companies who can collect and deliver the items to us.

Once your items arrive at the Saleroom, they will be allocated a code which will be unique to the Vendor.

If you are submitting items into the Antique and Fine Art auction, you will receive a notification of the Lot numbers with a brief description of your items and a courtesy copy of the catalogue. (This service is not available for the Household auction).

On occasion items may be presented for sale over several auction dates.

Auction Day
The Vendor does not need to, but is welcome to attend the actual auction.

Unsold Lots
If your item does not sell the first time it is presented for sale, it will automatically be presented a second time. However when this happens, the item will be presented without a reserve price. If the vendor does not want the item to be sold without a reserve price, the item will need to be collected within two days of the original auction. If items do not sell after being presented a second time the Vendor needs to collect the unsold items as soon as possible.

Payment of the sale is less 20% commission. VAT is also charged. The cheque payment is usually received by the Vendor approximately ten days following the sale. Payment direct into a bank account can be arranged by prior agreement.

Buying Items

If you are a new customer to our saleroom and plan to bid on an item in person, you will need to leave your details at the office (at the opposite end to the rostrum) within the saleroom, you will then be issued with a bidding number.

If you have found our auction on-line and you would like to bid on an item, please email with your full contact details, including postcode, primary and secondary contact telephone numbers. We also require some form of ID. This can be in the form of a recent utility bill (showing your name and address), a photo driving licence or a passport. Once we have confirmed receipt of your ID you will not be asked to provide it in future.

Bidding In Person – when a customer attends the saleroom to bid on a lot.

Commission/Absentee Bid
— this is when you are not able to attend the auction in person. The Auctioneer will bid on your behalf.
You will need to complete a Commission Bid Form, detailing your full contact details, the lot you would like to bid on and your maximum bid. (Please take into account the Buyers Premium of 20% plus VAT as the full payment amount).

You can download an Absentee Bid form by clicking here

If you are emailing your commission bid form, please be aware that sometimes emails can go astray and therefore if you do not receive confirmation that your bid has been received it will not have been placed for you.

Telephone Line
— this is when a telephone line has been booked by a bidder.

A member of staff will telephone the primary contact number a few minutes before the lot you wish to bid on comes up. They will then talk you through the bidding offering you an opportunity to bid on the lot.
Unfortunately, there are a limited number of telephone lines available for this facility. We only offer this facility for items likely to achieve in excess of £200

Live bid
— is a facility which allows you to bid and listen to our Antique auction from the comfort of your home.

We have teamed up with The Sale Room which cover various specialists and antique auctions across the UK.
The Sale Room are different to many other providers as they give you the option of paying % charge. For further information click on the following link

Please be aware that we do need to abide by the Artist Resale Rights. Click here to download a PDF for more information.

If you are successful with your commission or telephone bid, you will be contacted at the end of the auction to discuss payment, collection or postage and packing requirements.

Payment and collection of goods

Payment — If you are the successful bidder of lot(s), payment is required on the day of sale.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or debit card. We accept credit card payments..

Collection — We ask that items purchased, be removed from the Saleroom as soon as payment has been made.

We do not have our own transport, therefore we are not able to offer a delivery service of purchased goods. However, we do have the contact numbers of local carriers who are happy to provide you with a quotation for this type of work.

Pack and post — We offer a pack and post facility for bidders of smaller lots who are not able to collect their items. Please email for further information.